The sum of knowledge

Imagine a large circle. Now imagine a much smaller circle inside it. Now image an even smaller circle inside the second circle.

The first circle represents everything there is to know. Every fact about every thing in existance - everything from the number of hairs on your head to the average temperature of a distant star.

The second circle represents the sum of all of Man’s knowledge - every fact we have ever discovered. Obviously the second circle keeps growing, but it will never grow as big as the first circle.

The third circle, which is very tiny, represents the sum of MY knowledge. Compared to the other two circles, it is microscopic. This is everything that I personally know for a fact.

Knowing the enormous difference between what I know and what there is to know, how could I ever state that God does not exist? Based on the facts that I do know, I can not say there is no God. Based on the facts that I do know, I can not say there is a God. Based on facts, the best I can do is say there might or might not be a God.

Then I always come back to one question: the beginning of life. If there is no God, then mankind ultimately developed from single-celled organisms. Where did these organisms come from? I cannot bring myself to believe that life spontaneously generated. Thus if life was created, there must be a creator. I choose to believe that creator was God, and he created man and gave us a free will to live life as we please.

I choose to serve him.

Migrating apps from a TIBCO domain

In this example, I am migrating from domain “OLD” to domain “NEW”.

  1. Choose a directory that will contain the batch information, such as /utils/exports/OLD/
  2. cd to /utils/tibco/tra/5.2/bin/
  3. Use this command to create a batch file and export .ear files and configuration files:  “AppManage -batchExport -domain OLD -user tibco -pw tibco -dir /utils/exports/OLD”
  4. To import all of the applications without starting them, use this command:  “AppManage -batchDeploy -domain NEW -user tibco -pw tibco -dir /utils/exports/OLD -nostart”
If you want to start them after deploying, leave off the -nostart parameter. If you don’t want to deploy all the applications, modify the /utils/exports/OLD/AppManage.batch file by commenting or deleting the applications you don’t want to deploy.

Make sure these things are true:
  • the directory you give for the -dir parameter exists
  • you know the actual username and password for the domains
  • both domains are running